Our Virtual Assistant work remotely and are available 24 x 7 to assist you in all types of tasks. They are available to work 2-4-6-8 hrs a day as per your needs and requirements. Our personal assistants are available to work at the required time slot and time zone as preferred by you. Our dedicated virtual assistants have helped our clients to reduce their headache by outsourcing their work to our virtual assistants. The dedicated assistant is available to chat through any of the messengers & also we provide a local number in your area mapped to the dedicated virtual assistant working remotely, you can make call to the virtual assistant at local rates whenever needed.

Our Virtual personal assistants work delicately for busy professional or small business owners that needs a few hours of executive help or administrative support. Our Virtual Assistants could assist your new business benefit from taking care of the routine work.

Our employee profile includes graduates, post graduates, Engineers, Research Analysts, Web designers & developers, Application Programmers, Data Processors, Medical representatives etc.