1) MBA

To be a successful business man or an entrepreneur in today’s competitive business world, one needs to have smart planning & quick execution strategies. Not all business heads can be MBA grads but are still producing good results. However, to produce best results in a smart & systematic manner, an organization must have an internal  team of MBA grads to strategize Business & marketing plans, to perform analytic type research, Competitive Analysis & generate Market Research reports.

However, not all companies can afford to have such teams, especially startups, because of high cost involved to maintain them. Here is the good news! We bring the best business brains offering our specialized MBA assistant services who have industry experience to help you manage and take care of every form of your business by handling various business aspects. Our expert MBA assistant can execute numerous tasks for you which require professional  skills like business ideologies and analysis, complex information research, Market Research report, Competitive Analysis, Executive Summaries, Financial Plans, Business development type functions, Analytic type research, Business & marketing plans, complex business functions with higher analytical skills & other work that needs interpersonal skills

2) SEO

3)Social Media Marketing

4)Web Design