Real Estate Tasks

Real Estate Tasks

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Who hasn’t wished for more hours in a day? A genuine estate virtual assistant gives you those extra hours back; hours that you can spend on growing your business, assisting clients, or having fun with your family! A virtual assistant is a genuine real estate professional who is dedicated to making your business successful.

Why hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

In todays competitive real estate market, agents have to work harder than ever to create their presence known in the marketplace.  It is easy to become so overwhelmed with the all-day tasks associated with running your business that you lose sight of your ultimate goals and vision for the future. The problem for many agents is that they do not have the hold needed to grow their business while at the same time focusing on their existing business.  A real estate virtual assistant is a cost-effective way to add preserve to your team wherever and whenever you need it most whether it is marketing, listing coordination, or lead generation and follow-up  giving you the time to focus upon assisting your clients and attain your goals.

What Real Estate virtual assistant can handle?

        • Working on MLS
        • Proficient with Top Producer
        • Sending and Receiving Emails
        • Managing Inbox
        • Email Response
        • Live Chat Support
        • Online Postings
        • Ad postings
        • Appointment Settings
        • Follow Up
        • Phone Answering
        • Customer Care
        • Property Listing
        • Property Management
        • Legal Tasks
        • Other tasks related to real estates

 Posting ads to Craigslist/similar sites

Ensuring all listings stay up to date

Responding to your hundreds of e-mail inquiries.

Setting up your meetings

Managing your calendar so you never overbook

Preparing paperwork

Filing paperwork

Following up with prospective renters and buyers