We respect your privacy and will commit to protect your personal information which you share with us.

Our company takes you into confidence to assure of being trustworthy to shield your privacy & honour all information submitted to us. Our website is highly secured and hence your data can be retrieved only with your consent. Our regime of accumulation and usage of data is pertained to as mentioned in the website.

Keeping your  privacy on priority,  we have created  this Privacy Policy which will enable you to learn the way we have gathered information, put into use, to explain, to share & to use the information personally. We commit ourselves to safeguard the confidentiality of your personal & business information. The following summarises our privacy policy.

  • We will analyse the objective before or in the course of collecting personal information, for which it is being collected.
  • We will gather and make use of personal information purely  with the purpose of accomplishing  those tasks specified by us and for other suitable  tasks, unless we get the approval of the concerned individual  or as obligatory.
  • We will keep individual information only for a period as required for the accomplishment  of those tasks.
  • We will gather individual information by fair means, where applicable &  lawful ,with the approval of the concerned  individual
  • Personal information  should be relevant to the tasks for which it is applied and, only to the extent needed to perform  those tasks, should be systematic, comprehensive  and prevalent.
  • We will safeguard the personal information by reasonable security measures  against  theft or loss, unapproved access, copying ,editing, disclosure or use .
  • We will make information readily available to clients about our practices & policies pertaining to the administration of personal information.We are committed to ethically manage our business in compliance with these principles & concepts in order to make sure that the confidentiality of personal data is maintained & preserved.Please contact us for any concerns about our Privacy Policy.